The past few months, GAIKU’s founders Jasper Meerding and Arjen Halma attended a free online course provided by YC Startup school which they have completed last week! This program is an initiative of Y Combinator and aims to encourage, teach and inspire people who want to start a company. They want to equip startups with the resources and tools to prepare them for what’s coming. So we’ve been getting a taste of Y Combinator from our home office.

Last week we uploaded our last assignment. We had to make a demo video about GAIKU, sharing what we’ve built so far. Check it out:

How did it work?

Startup School is a free 10-week massively open online course. This course promises to “teach people about how to start a startup, and equip them with the needed resources.” This way, the accelerator’s new Startup School offers a virtual way into the startup scene. The course started on April 5th. YC Startup School posted weekly lectures covering many subjects that are interesting for startups like how to build and manage teams, how to find product-market fit and how to get users and grow.

13.500 startups applied to YC Startup School, and around 3000 were accepted. 1500 companies made it till the end of the course and 700 companies uploaded a video. Check out the other companies here. In early 2018 Startup School will accept about 10,000 companies and potentially more after that. What a great initiative. We’re yc startup schoolthankful for being given the opportunity to attend the YC Startup School course. We gained a lot of new knowledge and skills to help our startup make a great start!


So, what is Y Combinator?

Y Combinator is an American seed accelerator which provides seed funding for startups. They help the founders of startups with investors and acquirers. Their goal is to get startups through the first phase. They’ve already helped a lot of companies, for example Airbnb, Stripe and Dropbox. Twice a year they invest a small amount of money ($120k) in a large number of startups for 6% equity. These startups then move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. There, they work intensively with the startups to improve their pitch to investors and get them into the best possible shape.

Of course, a lot of startups from around the world were interested in Y Combinator. Y Combinator wants to make it easier for people to start a company, regardless of who or where you are, so they want to share what they’ve learned with as many people as possible. So they came up with YC Startup School, to help more startups that are not able to move to Silicon Valley. 

Curious about GAIKU?

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