Our story just got going. Founded in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, GAIKU is developing a meeting solution that will give active guidance before, during and after a meeting. A single meeting assistant. We believe the key in life and business lies in collaboration. Seen the fact we want to share our story, we will be joining World’s largest and most important technology marketplace.

An inimitable global meeting point for world’s most offbeat technology companies

Within one month, on November 7th, we will travel from Amsterdam to Lisbon to attend 2016s Web Summit as an early-stage startup as part of ALPHA. Over four days we will exhibit, attend Investor Hours and participate in Roundtables. Web Summit has grown from 400 to over 50,000 attendees over the last six years. GAIKU is proud to be part of this enormous gathering in which the most disruptive IT companies, as well as those interested, will attend. We are looking forward to telling why we exist. We want to share in what way GAIKU can transform business lives of others

“It’s Davos for Geeks” – Bloomberg

Industry affected by tech instead of technological industries
GAIKU’s team believes that we no longer speak in terms of technological industries, but of industries that have been affected by technology. As follows human beings now take part in a world in which technology is turning upside down work, interaction and life.  Coming together in Lisbon for Web Summit for us comes down to answering questions posed by everyone who is living through this new technological revolution.

We pitch and explore to make a difference

The last couple of weeks we have been training our pitch and exploring partnerships to ensure we know we can share why we exist and in what way we can make a difference in lives of others. We believe that networking in Lisbon is our key principle and are looking forward to meeting others who are highly receptive to spontaneous conversations about GAIKU’s opportunities. We are looking forward to share thoughts and stories and are welcoming you to explore, talk and get GAIKU. See you in Lisbon, you can find us at A546 on November 8th.

“Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.”