Last week we traveled to New Orleans to attend America’s fastest growing technology conference Collision on May 2nd till 4th. At this event, we were able to show people or product and had the privilege of pitching GAIKU on stage!

Almost 20.000 visitors from 110 different countries attended this 3-day conference. Attendees included CEOs of the world’s fastest growing startups and the world’s largest companies, alongside leading investors and media. We’ve been to inspiring talks, heard great live music, and of course the pitches of promising and quality startups.

Needless to say, we’ve met so many great and enthusiastic people. We’ve spoken to a lot of people that claim they need a tool like GAIKU to improve their business meetings. So, handing out our business cards definitely kept us busy 🙂

gaiku at collisionPitch contest

Attending Collision was a great experience in itself. On top of that, GAIKU was invited to compete in a pitch contest with 65 other startups. We were selected out of more than 6000 companies. What an awesome way for Jasper, the founder and CEO of GAIKU, to spread the word about GAIKU!

Next event: The Next Web Conference

Now, it’s almost time for our next event. We’ll be attending The Next Web Conference on May 19th in Amsterdam. Will you be attending? Come chat with us!

If you’re curious about GAIKU and how our web app can improve your meetings, check out our video below.


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