The development of GAIKU is in full progress. Soon you’ll be able to have more efficient and fun meetings! Last week we were featured in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. We’re very proud of this of course, that’s why we’ve translated the article for you. You can read it below.


Meetings made more easy and fun

February 15, 2017, Rolf Venema

AMSTERDAM – It’s usually something that no one really likes, but still takes up a big amount of time for thousands of people: meetings. The new service GAIKU will not only make meetings more efficient but also more fun.

“Today, it seems like we’re spending more time in meetings than on doing something we actually like,” says founder Jasper Meerding. “And I noticed that there isn’t an app or service that you can use for your own work method. A lot of companies are using methods like Scrum and Holocracy, but there are no tools available for these options.”

“Why should an app not be able to call you?”

GAIKU allows users to schedule meetings via these methods, to arrange action points and plan your work. Another goal is to make it easier to have meetings over the phone. For example, GAIKU can approach participants before the meeting, so that an important meeting will not be missed. Meerding came up with a very simple idea: “Why should an app not be able to call you?”

The idea to create GAIKU comes from Meerdings other company, customer service organization ContactCare: “GAIKU is actually an idea born from personal frustration. On one side I’m focused on results, but I also want it to be and stay fun.”

Although the development of the service is now focused on core issues such as the ability to schedule and keep track of appointments, tasks and action items, in the future GAIKU should be able to do a lot itself. Meerding adds: “Think of artificial intelligence, the app can take notes and arrange action points directly via voice recognition. This way GAIKU will be your own personal assistant.”

The development of GAIKU is now taking place in Amsterdam. However, the marketing and sales will start in the United States. Meerding: “We will start with the American market, and then focus on the European market. That will be easier than the other way around.”

Original article: De Telegraaf.


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