One big problem in meetings is that attendees are not engaged and don’t deliver any useful input. Meetings can be strenuous at times and it’s hard to keep your team engaged. Every business has a certain meeting culture and that’s often hard to change. But there are different methods that can be used to make sure you get more input or discussion in your meeting, to turn them into engaging meetings.

We’ve listed some easy suggestions to help you keep everyone (including yourself) energized and engaged if you’re leading a meeting.

Tips for engaging meetings

  1. Make sure you encourage discussion items. People tend to avoid tension or disagreements in a meeting. But some healthy discussions between colleagues can create engagement and get the issue out completely.
  2. Have others contribute to the meeting with their own agenda points. Meetings can quickly turn into a lecture instead of a discussion. Give attendees the opportunity to contribute to the meeting agenda and meeting goals, so those who contribute ideas or agenda points are more likely to participate.
  3. Remove the chairs and stand up. Let people stand up once in awhile. Ok, so don’t throw away your chairs, but also don’t let people come in and sit down till the bitter end of the meeting. Attendees who stand up have higher levels of engagement and even become more creative in brainstorming.
  4. Make the meeting content visual. Use visual elements in your meetings, like sticky notes, graphics, and idea mapping. Visual tools will be more interesting to the attendees and this will help them to be more energized and engaged. Interested in improving your slide decks? Read our tips for creating awesome slide decks that won’t put your audience to sleep!
  5. Create smaller groups for discussion. If you want engaging meetings, give more people the chance to talk. The more people get the chance to talk, the more engaged they become. So, design activities in the meeting that invite people to form smaller groups for discussion. Smaller groups also allow shyer team members to feel more comfortable contributing.
  6. To get greater involvement in decisions, consider listing all ideas and giving participants several votes to cast. In the end, the group’s preferred priorities are clear.
  7. Give team members a responsible role. To get more engaging meetings, give attendees a responsible part in the meeting. For example, one person can be responsible for leading a discussion and another can be responsible for taking notes. This will definitely increase participation and ensures that every team member has an interest in the work. Also, it gives attendees an opportunity to grow their courage and confidence.
  8. Throw in some games for more engaging meetings. Energize your meetings by throwing in some games. This will make the meeting more fun and lighten the mood. For example, setting people at ease by using an ice-breaker at the start of the meeting is a great way to get everyone relaxed. Participants will feel more comfortable with speaking up.


We’ve listed a few tips to help you create higher engagement in your meetings. Try them to figure out which ones work best for you! Do you have any other strategies yourself? Let us know!