Names are important. Names embody the identity of the person, place or object that carries them. So, even your conference room names can have a great impact on how your employees or clients see your company or experience the meetings that are held in those rooms. Would you rather spend 2 hours in a conference room called “Meeting Room #3,” or in a meeting room called “Fleetwood Mac ‘n Cheese”? We think the answer is obvious. Companies that don’t invest time in picking creative names for their meeting rooms are missing a huge opportunity to show off their personality and culture. Creative meeting room names will make meetings more fun or inspiring for clients and employees and they will bring some positivity to the workplace. We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help you get started.

conference room namesWho are you?

The names of your meeting rooms or conference rooms are often experienced as a reflection of your company’s values, culture and personality. So, before you name your meeting spaces, remember that employees and clients are invited to these spaces, and that the names of these meeting rooms can have impact on how they think about your company. Because every brand has a personality.

How can you use this to come up with creative meeting room names? Think about your brand as a person. Who is he/she? Is this person rebellious? Caring? Is your brand sleek and modern like Apple? Or creative and aspirational like Pinterest? Once you have a few key descriptions of your brand’s character, you can use these words to help you identify conference room names that fit your company’s personality.

Pick a theme

Great conference room names have one thing in common. They reflect a (relevant) theme. One way to pick a theme is to tie it back to your brand. Like Twitter, who names the conference rooms after birds. Having a relevant theme like that will help to connect people to the company, they feel like they’re part of something bigger, a larger story.

What about naming your meeting rooms after your company’s values? Courage, Honesty, Teamwork, Energy, Humility are examples of what could call your conference rooms. This way, you are using conference room names to reinforce what is important to you and your company.

If you want it to be a bit more fun, pick a theme based on your company’s inside jokes or references. Does everyone in the office love Game of Thrones and talk about this show constantly? Then maybe naming your meeting rooms after Game of Thrones houses is not such a bad idea. Because “Jasper and Arjen are having a meeting in House Targaryen” sounds pretty badass, right?

Make it a team effort

Naming your meeting rooms might seem like just another task, but it’s a great way for group activity. Engaging employees in this activity makes sure all your employees are given a voice and feel like they are represented in the company. They will feel involved, inspired and it’s also a lot of fun. If you already picked a few themes for your rooms, it’s a good idea to let employees vote on themes or brainstorm on names around your themes.

Examples of creative conference room names

Let’s take a look at some examples for your inspiration. These names will definitely bring you some positivity before you even start the meeting.

Facebook has several themes going when it comes to meeting room names.
One theme is “Star Wars + Drinks”:

  • Brewbacca
  • Jar Jar Drinks
  • Darth Jager
  • Dark and Stormtrooper
  • Use the Four Loko
  • Mai Tai Fighter

Hubspot is another company that’s taking their conference room naming seriously.
One theme they have is names of people that inspire them:

  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Seth Godin
  • Steve Jobs
  • Marc Benioff
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Gail Goodman
  • Warren Buffett

Now take Etsy. At Etsy they’ve also been creative in naming their conference rooms.
One of their themes is “Music + Food”:

  • Johnny Cashews
  • Lil Kimchee
  • Red Velvet Underground
  • Soy Division
  • Bon Bon Jovi
  • Sushi and the Banshees
  • The Rolling Scones
  • Wu Tang Clams

What do you think? What’s the coolest or most inspiring conference room name you’ve ever heard of? Let us know!

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