Alpha GAIKU raises 500k to debut within the Cloud Industry

Businesses can access an unlimited number of contacts and conversations in one cloud-based service.

Alpha GAIKU raised 500k of seed funding from an angel investor to introduce the new cloud-based communication solution that changes the way people keep track on their business conversations, contacts and relations.

GAIKU will offer a solution that will simplify and connect the world of telephony and service. Founded in Amsterdam on October 10, GAIKU’s team is now developing the meeting solution that gives active guiding before, during and after a meeting.

Our first investor is clearly charmed by our story. The party recognizes itself in the situation of everyday humdrum, in which, there is often ineffectiveness during meetings. With determination it chooses to invest in the meeting solution of GAIKU that will empower local and remote teams to work better together and to keep track on business conversations and connections.

“We are positioning ourselves to be the only single meeting assistant within the Business Communication Industry”, says founder Jasper Meerding. “With GAIKU, meetings will be more fun and effective for local and remote teams. GAIKU will give active guiding. For remote teams barriers of entry like complex communication junctions, toggling anonymous calls and individual cost factors won’t be a problem anymore. It speeds up businesses and results in the fact each conversation starts with a greater value of human knowledge and call histories.”

Benefits for businesses

  • Easy to use
  • Active guiding of meetings
  • Accessible on any device
  • Save time

Tomorrow Tuesday, November 8th, we are attending Web Summit Lisbon as a startup. We are looking forward to discussing at a global level among key market makers.