Meeting problems

6 meeting problems and how to overcome them

Even though we hold meetings to discuss, decide, inform or collaborate in any other way, most meetings will run into problems at one time or another. Did you know that 37 billion dollars are wasted on unproductive meetings in the US every year? And that 60% of all meetings is considered as time wasted? That’s a lot, right? We believe people can work better together, especially in meetings. Below are listed 6 meeting problems and how to overcome them. So say hello to productive meetings!


  1.   Can’t make decisions

We’ve all been there, our meetings seem to drag on as group members struggle to reach a consensus and make decisions. The responsibility for coming to decisions lies with the leader. The one in charge of the meeting or agenda point must consider how decisions will be made to avoid endless discussion. So, first of all, make sure you know who is leading a specific project or task. There are several things the leader can do to help a group make decisions more efficiently:

  • Clarify the goal of the meeting. Create expectations with actionable agenda points that clearly explain what is expected.
  • When people seem totally blocked and unable to come to a decision, go back to the initial question or purpose and phrase it in other words.
  • Make a democratic decision by voting or ranking.

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  1.   Dominators

This one is a real productivity killer. The same 2 or 3 people seem to talk all the time. The result? Other people start to feel unsafe and feel like they can’t share their opinion. That doesn’t sound like a productive meeting at all! Fortunately, you can do something about it. Again: a good leader is key! What can the leader do? Stop letting dominators take over the meeting! The main point is that you help other people to participate. Effective leaders say things like: “How do the rest of you feel about that idea?” or “Okay, that’s a good point; may we move on to someone else?” Another technique may be to have some small group work so that the people who may be quiet at times are much more likely to speak up and participate.

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  1.   Can’t finish on time

Meetings often run over time and some agenda points don’t even get covered. Why does this happen so often? Well, meetings don’t always start on time in the first place. Second, meeting time is not managed well. And third, the meeting is not planned or structured well. What can help you finish on time?

  • Be on time!
  • Send a meeting agenda with a rough estimate on how long each topic will take.
  • Make sure the agenda is clear for everyone and be sure to mark off the items as you proceed. This will help the group see the progress.
  • Make sure there is a timekeeper to watch the clock for every agenda item.
  • Before you send out an agenda, review it and ask yourself if really all these items must be covered in this meeting.
  • At the start of a meeting, make sure you have a shared understanding of the purpose. Keep the goal in mind and, if you notice the group slipping away to another subject, you can remind them of the purpose of the session.


  1.   Poor or inadequate preparation

Sometimes people go to a meeting because it was scheduled in their agenda, without knowing the purpose of the meeting. They will come unprepared! What’s to be done? Ensure people know why they are meeting beforehand. It all starts with the invitation: include a clear goal, agenda items, why this meeting is important and what needs to be prepared. It helps everyone get on the same page before you even walk into the room. Get ready for productive meetings!

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  1.   People are not engaged

When people are not engaged, decisions may be made that are later questioned and not implemented as hoped. Without some regular interaction, office and department members become isolated, making collaboration and cooperation more difficult. You can help ensure that key players attend meetings and provide input when needed. Here are some strategies you can employ to encourage participants to be more engaged in meetings:

  • Have others contribute to the meeting content
  • Regularly ask for input and invite questions
  • Make your meeting lively and interactive
  • Throw in some games

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  1.   Lack of follow through on tasks

There’s nothing that can measure the effectiveness of your meeting better than what happens afterward. Your meeting has been a waste of time if people don’t follow-through on action plans, tasks and decisions after the meeting ends. Whatever the cause, it’s a frustrating thing to spend time in meetings with people to resolve things, but nothing happens afterward. You can use these tools and techniques to achieve more effective follow-through after a meeting:

  • Write down actions and always have one name next to each action. This way it’ll be clear who’s accountable for it.
  • There is nothing like a deadline to stimulate action!
  • Write down actions with a verb. For example, “Powerpoint Presentation” is not good. You may know what it means when you write it down, but you’ll quickly forget it. Instead phrase it in a way that is measurable, for example, “Create Powerpoint Presentation on meetings.”


If you think these tips are helpful to overcome your meeting problems, you’re gonna love GAIKU. A powerful web app for more efficient and fun meetings. GAIKU will give active guidance before, during and after any type of meeting. Sign up today and improve your meetings!

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GAIKU attends technology conference Collision!

The past months, we’ve been working on GAIKU and getting ready for the launch of our meeting app! We’re building GAIKU to be your perfect meeting guide. A powerful tool that will be easy to use and will make your meetings more efficient and fun. We can’t wait to share our story and spread the word about GAIKU! That’s why we’ll be attending Collision in New Orleans from the 2nd till the 4th of May this year. We want to show who we are, what our beliefs are and get you excited about GAIKU so you can start working better together!

Great! But… what is Collision?

Collision is a conference for tech companies, organized by the team behind Web Summit. If you are unfamiliar with Web Summit or Collision, the setup is the same for both conferences. Startups are invited to display their ideas, innovations and business models. Collision exists for only two years, but it’s already becoming America’s fastest growing technology conference. It has grown to over 20,000 attendees from more than 110 countries! Attendees include CEOs of the world’s fastest growing startups and the world’s largest companies, alongside leading investors and media. Inspiring talks, live music, workshops and of course the pitches of promising and quality startups like GAIKU will all be present.

Why attend Collision?

Collision is exploding with innovative ideas and products from the best and newest technology businesses. If you’re attending the conference, you can expect to learn from tech’s most influential people and businesses. Only the very best startups are picked to attend Collision, and GAIKU has been given this opportunity. In order to attend as a startup, the team of Collision will look at a few things like growth potential, team, cool factor and if the product or service is considered to have an impact on the attendees of Collision.

Founder Jasper Meerding, operations manager Hannah Boom, and COO Arjen Halma will be representing GAIKU. We’re very proud to be part of this conference and can’t wait to show why we created GAIKU and how GAIKU will transform business lives by making local and remote teams work better together.

Excited? Take a look on We hope to see you in New Orleans!

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Easy and fun meetings with GAIKU!

The development of GAIKU is in full progress. Soon you’ll be able to have more efficient and fun meetings! Last week we were featured in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. We’re very proud of this of course, that’s why we’ve translated the article for you. You can read it below.


Meetings made more easy and fun

February 15, 2017, Rolf Venema

AMSTERDAM – It’s usually something that no one really likes, but still takes up a big amount of time for thousands of people: meetings. The new service GAIKU will not only make meetings more efficient but also more fun.

“Today, it seems like we’re spending more time in meetings than on doing something we actually like,” says founder Jasper Meerding. “And I noticed that there isn’t an app or service that you can use for your own work method. A lot of companies are using methods like Scrum and Holocracy, but there are no tools available for these options.”

“Why should an app not be able to call you?”

GAIKU allows users to schedule meetings via these methods, to arrange action points and plan your work. Another goal is to make it easier to have meetings over the phone. For example, GAIKU can approach participants before the meeting, so that an important meeting will not be missed. Meerding came up with a very simple idea: “Why should an app not be able to call you?”

The idea to create GAIKU comes from Meerdings other company, customer service organization ContactCare: “GAIKU is actually an idea born from personal frustration. On one side I’m focused on results, but I also want it to be and stay fun.”

Although the development of the service is now focused on core issues such as the ability to schedule and keep track of appointments, tasks and action items, in the future GAIKU should be able to do a lot itself. Meerding adds: “Think of artificial intelligence, the app can take notes and arrange action points directly via voice recognition. This way GAIKU will be your own personal assistant.”

The development of GAIKU is now taking place in Amsterdam. However, the marketing and sales will start in the United States. Meerding: “We will start with the American market, and then focus on the European market. That will be easier than the other way around.”

Original article: De Telegraaf.


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web summit alpha

GAIKU goes to Web Summit Lisbon

Our story just got going. Founded in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, GAIKU is developing a meeting solution that will give active guidance before, during and after a meeting. A single meeting assistant. We believe the key in life and business lies in collaboration. Seen the fact we want to share our story, we will be joining World’s largest and most important technology marketplace.

An inimitable global meeting point for world’s most offbeat technology companies

Within one month, on November 7th, we will travel from Amsterdam to Lisbon to attend 2016s Web Summit as an early-stage startup as part of ALPHA. Over four days we will exhibit, attend Investor Hours and participate in Roundtables. Web Summit has grown from 400 to over 50,000 attendees over the last six years. GAIKU is proud to be part of this enormous gathering in which the most disruptive IT companies, as well as those interested, will attend. We are looking forward to telling why we exist. We want to share in what way GAIKU can transform business lives of others

“It’s Davos for Geeks” – Bloomberg

Industry affected by tech instead of technological industries
GAIKU’s team believes that we no longer speak in terms of technological industries, but of industries that have been affected by technology. As follows human beings now take part in a world in which technology is turning upside down work, interaction and life.  Coming together in Lisbon for Web Summit for us comes down to answering questions posed by everyone who is living through this new technological revolution.

We pitch and explore to make a difference

The last couple of weeks we have been training our pitch and exploring partnerships to ensure we know we can share why we exist and in what way we can make a difference in lives of others. We believe that networking in Lisbon is our key principle and are looking forward to meeting others who are highly receptive to spontaneous conversations about GAIKU’s opportunities. We are looking forward to share thoughts and stories and are welcoming you to explore, talk and get GAIKU. See you in Lisbon, you can find us at A546 on November 8th.

“Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.”


Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.


Technology is intended to make our lives easier. Yet sometimes we feel like throwing our computers out the window, or going on vacation just to get away from all the buzzing, beeping, and being too connected. There are just too many separate solutions out there that aren’t working together. And so, we easily lose track of things. Let’s work better together. Let’s get GAIKU.

GAIKU, founded in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, is a single meeting assistant. A powerful tool that makes meetings more fun and effective. GAIKU believes the key in life and business lies in collaboration. Therefore it offers a solution by giving guidance before, during and after a meeting in one clear and simple environment.

The roots of GAIKU’s team

GAIKU’s team has its roots in the cloud and offers a dedicated focus on the small and medium sized corporations. With 10 years of practical experience in the market, they are working as a multi-disciplinary team with specific knowledge on and experience in (cloud) telephony, VOIP and routing, customer service and CRM. The organization level is lean and healthy and brought significant success over the last years. GAIKU understands that the true added value resides in an easy to use app that guides you through your local and remote meetings. Complex? That’s just another 7-letter word to GAIKU.

GAIKU’s story just got going but it does not get told without you. We are looking forward to share thoughts and stories and are welcoming you to explore, talk and get GAIKU. See you in Lisbon!