We make meetings more effective,more fun and most of all… just better!

Meetings are often unstructured and unproductive. GAIKU is here to save the day!

An easy to use web app that helps you work more efficient. GAIKU gives active guidance before, during and after any type of meeting. Your perfect meeting guide for better results in less time.

It’s our mission to help you attend meetings with a smile and get work done in half of the time. We want you to walk away from your meetings feeling that you got things done and already looking forward to the next one.

GAIKU was founded in October 2016 in Amsterdam to make meetings more engaging and efficient.

Mission statement: “To make one million meetings a day more engaging and effective by 2020”

We’re GAIKU, nice to meet you!

This is our GAIKU team and we absolutely HATE meetings!

There are not many companies starting their meetings by saying they hate them the most of anything. At GAIKU we can.

Meet our core team of magic makers.

Jasper Meerding
Founder & CEO

Cindy Yee
Product owner

Arvind Yadav
Lead developer

Jorick Serto
UX UI, creative