Meeting minutes

Write your meeting minutes on the spot. Afterwards, you can easily send out the meeting summary to all attendees using GAIKU.

Collaborate on your meeting agenda

Create your meeting together and let everybody have their say.


Categorize your personal tasks and agenda items and never forget or lose focus.


Be prepared for your upcoming meeting! GAIKU sends you all the information before it starts.

Smart agenda items

Turn your agenda items into tasks with a due date or add decisions to them.

Video conferencing

Run smooth virtual meetings. Use video and screen sharing to discuss with attendees from all over the world.

Time tracking

GAIKU always keeps track of your meeting and agenda item time and lets you know when you go over time!

Meeting templates

Save time when setting up your meeting by creating and sharing meeting templates with your team to use over and over again.

Meeting archive

GAIKU saves your entire meetings history so you can trace back the journey of your project.

task lists and boards

Keep track of task statuses just like Trello by using our Kanban workboard.

Store meeting documents

Attach files to your meeting and share these with others.

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